Using this space to collect related blog posts, articles and anything else from the interwebs relevant to the theme of the workshop. Feel free to use the comment section to contribute.

Jan Chipchase: You Lookin’ At me? Reflections on Google Glass. (allthingsd)

The Executive Creative Director of Global Insights, Frog writes this interesting piece on   allthingsd.  Not only is the technology mobile and novel he reflects upon, but the perspective he takes is ‘in the spirit’ of this workshop: he takes into account the social setting and speculates on the consequences of Google Glass impeding and interfering (as well as enriching and supporting) the ongoing social interaction.

Andrés Lucero, Matt Jones, Tero Jokela, Simon Robinson: Mobile Collocated Interactions. (interactions)

This feature on interactions provides an excellent overview of collocated mobile interaction, including the authors’ own work on photo sharing (Andrés et al.’s Pass-Them-Around), and story-telling (Simon et al.’s PicoTales). The article also addresses technical challenges of connecting devices to enable shared multi-user experiences by utilising device proximity and touch interactions.


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